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You're viewing Mercenaries 2 : World In Flames Cheat Codes

Game Name : Mercenaries 2 : World In Flames
System : Xbox 360
Date Added : 2008-08-27 06:57:17
Views : 24749

Restore vehicle
Park a vehicle outside of a building which you can enter. Enter then exit the building. The vehicle will be repaired with full ammunition.

100% completion
Complete all outpost missions before you initiate the final mission in story mode. The outpost missions can no longer be accessed after the game is completed, which will also prevent a faction's shop items from being unlocked.

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding equipment.
Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Ambassador gunshipComplete level 3 of the Helicopter Flying mission.
Diplomat heavy tankDestroy the targeted buildings for the Allied Nations.
MOAB bombComplete all HVT missions for the Allied Nations.

Easy money
After completing the first UP mission and receiving Ewan, talk to him about the Winch challenge. After completing level 3 on this challenge, bet the maximum amount of money. Even though you have already done this, the height does not raise. Therefore you can continue betting at the maximum amount. After about four times (depending on how much you start with), you should have about $7.0 million. You can continue from here in order to get the maximum wager amount to $5.0 million (when you have about $14.0 million in funds). From there you can repeat this as often as desired when you need money.

Bet amount
When you get the maximum betting level on the Winch challenge, keep going until you get to about $100.0 million. The minimum bet is now also $5 million. If you continue from that, the minimum will actually grow higher than the maximum and allow for even more money. However there is a catch; once you go beyond there is no way you can raise or lower the bet because it is higher than the maximum, but it is still the minimum.

Alternate costumes
Win the level 3 weapon challenge bets at the PMC Villa with your allies. Talk to Fiona at your PMC to access the challenges. Note: Bet the maximum money for the level 1 and 2 challenges then save and reload the game until you win. Bet the minimum money for the level 3 challenge.

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